Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome to CSC Geoscience at GSA/SVP

We're off to a great start with 12 CSC scholars on their way to two national conferences. GSA in Denver (Oct 27-30) and SVP in Los Angeles (Oct 30-Nov 2). Hoping we learn lots about our profession!

Since the college is spending lots of money to give us this opportunity, we owe it to the rest of the scholarly community to share what we learn. That's what this blog is for. All conference participants can and should post--ten times a day if you wish, but at least once--and tell us about your personal experience. We do have official learning outcomes:

After completing this experience, students will:
a.      Reflect positively on the value of conference attendance and membership in promoting leadership and professional growth
b.      Report one or more topics or areas of research that they would like to learn more about

c.       Employ, with the help of faculty mentors, methods to motivate the learning and professional development of students who did not attend the conference
So, there's your template. But feel free to respond to the experience in any way. A the end we will share this blog with the college administration and hopefully this message will be clear: "This really is high-impact learning. Let's do this again!"

Here's who is attending the conference(s). (Google adds tags if it knows you)

Ben Brechtel
David Draper
Margaret Darnell
David Keim
Michael Leite
Colton Snyder
Nathan Still
Jessie Thalheim
Steve Welch

By the way, if you have your own blog, you can use the space here to link to it.


  1. I have a tumblr that I rarely use. Do you want me to just go ahead and use that? I have the app on my phone so I could take pictures, write sections and quotes, and sorts of stuff. So would that work?

    If so my tumblr that I am going to be using is:

    1. Nathan,
      Great! Go ahead and use your existing blog. But post at least once here to point to your tumblr site.

  2. My blog is

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  4. I posted in Blogger, but I have a few additions on my Blog as well.